Online Stores Development
products with customized business logic

advanced solutions

The modern internet stores consist of many modules and components. We will help you to decide what functionality best suited to your business at a particular stage of development and offer options. Our projects — innovative solutions in the e-commerce segment.

Online Stores
  1. Directory
    • filters with integrated facetime search
    • external full text search system
    • completed organized list of products
    • comparison service
  2. Product card
    • generation of trade proposals
    • kits, sets
    • deals
  3. Trash
    • calculation of cost and delivery time
    • any online payment services
    • the possibility of quick ordering
  4. Integration
    • bilateral exchange
    • instantaneous data upload
    • integration with management system
  5. Personalization
    • geo-definition with displaying information of personal data
    • custom history of all actions
    • loyalty system based on the work of the campaigns
Online Stores Development