Store Integration with 1C
always current catalog of products and “fresh” price list

Market expansion without loss of control

Integration with 1C is the key skill in our web-development Department. Francysk experts can guarantee a quick and controlled exchange for an online store.

We carry out improvements for most configurations leading 1C-franchisee. Our experience have embodied in the many unique solutions, are able to control the exchange of even for huge items (up to millions of entries).

What we do in 1C

  • Upload prices and stock according to a schedule. The change control.
  • Separate hierarchy (menu) to 1C and on the website, providing data binding.
  • Unloading points/bonuses for loyalty card customers.
  • Unloading personal prices counteragent.
  • The exchange of orders by schedule or instant upload (SOAP web services).
  • Online-control of availability/prices.
  • Reverse upload order status and possible changes (structure, rates).
  • Two-way exchange of references and objects.
  • Exchange website multiple 1C for multidivisional companies and networks.
  • Maintaining leads in CRM.
  • Synchronization of shopping and orders catalog with CRM.
Store Integration with 1C